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How to Prepare for Your House Cleaning

Deep/Initial clean 
First time or one time cleaning

To prepare for your house cleaning, just follow these four simple steps:

  1. Before your team arrives for your scheduled cleaning please remove clutter so we can effectively clean all surfaces – this includes clothing, kids toys and dishes in the kitchen sink.
  2. Find a good spot for your pets so they are safe and comfortable while we clean.
  3. Put out clean sheets on each bed if we will be changing your linens.
  4. If payment has not already been arranged, leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter.

Following these simple steps allows us to work efficiently and provide the best clean possible. Our ultimate goal is to provide you quality service and satisfaction. And while it’s important to declutter your house before we arrive, please do not spend any time cleaning! You wouldn’t wash your car before taking it to a car wash, would you? Cleaning homes is what we do, after all, right? Leave the work to us.

What to expect before the clean


Before your cleaning team arrives, they review the details of your cleaning plan so they know exactly what you want. Most customers are either at work or busy with other plans when we clean, so it's quite common for them to provide us with their garage code or spare key. For added security, we cross reference all house keys. But if you don't feel comfortable leaving us a key or door code, please make sure someone is home during the scheduled cleaning time.

If something comes up that causes a conflict in your cleaning schedule, juWe appreciate a 72-h7ou

Preparing the home


Preparing your home for maid cleaning

In advance of your first maid service, develop a checklist of what you want to be completed in your home maid service - you can pin it to the refrigerator. While many people feel compelled to “tidy up” before the maid comes over, that’s not necessary! Instead, make sure your cleaning supplies, mop and vacuum are accessible, if you’d like your maid to use your own cleaning supplies. Put out clean sheets on each bed that you want your maid to change your linens. If you want your maid to do your laundry, gather your laundry into a laundry basket, ensure you have laundry detergent available, and remember to provide money for the laundry if it is not in-unit. If you are home when your maid arrives, take the first 5 minutes to show them around your house for the best maid cleaning outcome. This includes showing your maid where to take out the garbage and recycling. Finally, if you have pets or kids who will be home during your personalized maid service, find a good spot for them to remain so that the maid can clean efficiently. 

Our Team of Maids


Treating maids with respect

Maid cleaners on the work hard to please their customers, and maid cleaning can be a back-breaking and thankless job. Being polite and respectful to your maid will result in the best maid service experience. That means just asking them how they're doing when they first arrive or letting them plug their phone in during the cleaning. Often maids perform several cleanings a day and don’t have time to break in between. The best maids love going back to the homes of customers who are straightforward in asking for what they want, but are also appreciative of the good work they do.

Office/ Commercial Cleaning


We have the flexibility and management experience necessary to handle your one-time job needs as well as your day- to-day cleaning and building maintenance services.